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Euro Fireplaces : HOW THEY WORK - HEATING
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: HOW THEY WORK - HEATING by Euro Fireplaces

Warmer heat for less cost is now an option with Euro Fireplaces.

Until recently, many Australian homes had little or no insulation. This means an electric fan forced wood heater was required to push warm air into the room. However, this warm air quickly rises and the heater has to complete this process over, and over again. This method of fan forced heating, combined with heaters that, by design, do not work efficiently, leads to increased wood consumption.

Euro Fireplaces provide natural convection, which is a more efficient method of heating. As the temperature inside your Euro Fireplace combustion chamber rises, cold air is drawn through the vents at the bottom of the fireplace. This air mass is heated and is pushed through the vents at the top of the fireplace. This process of natural convection allows your Euro Fireplace to warm your premises evenly, with a gentle movement of air. Ideally your house should be well insulated - otherwise, too much cold air is drawn from the outside into your room.

Today, due to an increase in house insulation, most modern wood heaters worldwide are natural convected heaters. Euro Fireplaces’ design and natural convection spreads your heat more efficiently. By not requiring an electric fan, your Euro Fireplace will not add to your power bills, will work during blackouts and enable you to provide overnight heat - without having to leave an electric fan running.

Radiant heat (the healthy heat) works like heat from the sun. It creates a feeling of instant warmth and well-being. Euro Fireplaces provide a combination of radiant and natural convected heat. Radiant heat can be improved by adding a heat bank, this is important for efficient prolonged burning.

The adjacent images provide a visual on the function of Euro Fireplaces.

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