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Kent CLEAN BURN Technology™
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CLEAN BURN Technology™ by Kent

Buying a Kent wood heater not only gives you a clean burning, efficient method of keeping your home warm throughout winter. By joining with KENTand, in turn Landcare, we are all working towards restoring the environment and protecting its long-term viability.

We all need to consider our use of natural resources and the effect we have on the environment. Wood, as a form of natural energy, is the only sustainable and renewable fuel source for heat generation. Wood burning in a Kent wood heater does not add to the greenhouse effect. If wood is left to naturally decay, consumed in a bush fire or

burnt in a wood heater, it emits similar levels of CO2. Kent manufacture slow combustion wood heaters using low emission technology to gain maximum heat output with minimum emission into the atmosphere.

Pictured is a cross-section image outlining the function of the Kent Clean Burn technology.

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