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Clean Air Unique Firebox Design
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Unique Firebox Design by Clean Air

The Clean Air unique firebox design has more steel, more ribbings, greater efficiency, long burn times and low emissions, making the clean air wood heaters the perfect choice for energy efficient, long lasting home heating.

What makes the Clean Air heaters unique is the firebox design, allowing for a quad burn, heat exchange system and removable stainless steel baffle which makes for design excellence.

The heat exchange system enhances natural air flow and creates cleaner and more efficient heat, using less fuel. A total burn is enabled through the baffle which holds the gases within the firebox and the quad burn system, which brings in more air through our sets of holes. This means there is a significant reduction in emissions, performing well below the Australian Standard of allowable emissions while still offering excellent heat output.

Air flow occurs within the heater with the exclusive Venturi System which means the fan does not have to operate for warmth overnight.