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Lopi GreenStart™

Lopi GreenStart™

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GreenStart™ by Lopi

With the Lopi GreenStart Igniter Option, starting your wood heater has never been easier.

Starting a fire in your wood heater is now as convenient as pushing a button. No longer is mess a concern in starting a fire with matches and newspapers, nor is there a need to leave the door ajar to promote fire start-up.

Fireplace safety has increased, with the compressor forcing 760 degree celcius preheated air into the firebox directly onto the wood source, giving a clean and fast smoke-free start-up, much like a black smith bellows. This combination of the lighter and bellows is the brilliance of this revolutionary design, instantly elevates combustion temperatures within your heater, immediately establishing a draft and eliminating typical smoky wood fireplace start up. Instead, the wood starts to burn within a minute, and after 15 minutes, the blower shuts off and the damper and air controls can be adjusted to maintain the ideal fire.

Pictured is a Lopi wood heater 15 minutes after the GreenStart igniter was activated.

The GreenStart igniter option has become the greatest innovation in wood heating in over 100 years, making starting a fire in your home simple, quick and safe.

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