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Lopi How a Lopi Wood Heater Works...
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How a Lopi Wood Heater Works... by Lopi

Pre-heated air wash cleans the glass like a self-cleaning oven; (1A) a steady stream of fresh air enters the heater, gets hot as it is drawn up the heated internal air chamber, and (1B) then travels through a screened airwash which diffuses and evenly distributes air across the glass keeping smoke and ash particles away.

Pre-heated secondary combustion air (2A) is delivered to the stainless steel secondary combustion tube (2B) which introduces oxygen to the firebox and promotes re-burn of most of the smoke and gases that would otherwise line your flue as creosote and exit your chimney as smoke. *Note: Australian wood stoves only require one air tube.

The heavy-duty masonry baffle holds and radiates heat back into the firebox for more efficient and complete combustion.

An optional blower is available to speed up the circulation of convective heat throughout your home. A blower is ideal for quicker more efficient heating, or for larger a home with high ceilings or a home with an open floorplan.

Convection chamber naturally draws cold room air (5A) in at the bottom of the unit, circulates it around the stove and (5B) returns it to the room heated. As the stove heats up air flow actually increases delivering more heated air into your home.

Our medium and large units feature By-Pass dampers which temporarily re-routes smoke behind the masonry baffle when engaged. The by-pass assists faster fire start-up as well as preventing smoke from escaping through the door when loading wood.

Lopi wood heaters feature a large capacity convection chamber which enhances the heat transfer by gently circulating heated air to adjoining rooms, while still offering radiant heat that warms the room and the objects in it.

Our wood heaters also provide a great cooktop surface.The cooktop surface can be used to warm soup, heat up hot cocoa or for scented potpourri. Our medium and large stoves give you both a cooktop (8A) and warming (8B) surface, so not only will your stove heat your home during a power outage, you can also cook on it.

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